Luxury Wedding Dresses In Mayfair London

Eve Couture leads when it comes to luxury wedding dresses in Mayfair London. If you want the London look and Mayfair style, then look no further.

Why Choose Eve Couture?

Eve Couture is an independent designer and manufacturer of high quality wedding dresses designed for the most special occasion of your life.

This is an experience you should enjoy and feel special throughout. Which is why Eve Couture spends so much time and money on designs, testing, materials, sales and marketing. To ensure you receive a unique item to wear on possibly the best day of your life!

Do not compare standard, every day, off the shelf wedding dresses with those available at Eve Couture as there is simply no comparison.

Luxury Wedding Dresses in Mayfair London

Not only are the best materials used, but in-house stylists and dress makers ensure you benefit from a tailormade cut and fit.

Tailored clothing and garments are unlike anything else you have worn. Bespoke to your body, shape, size and style, a tailored fit not only looks amazing visually but also far more comfortable for you to enjoy too.

You can access a wide collection of wedding dresses within the Eve Couture website making it easy for you to order high quality dresses online within a few clicks.

If however you wish to take advantage of a custom fitting experience. Then make contact with a member of the team at Eve Couture who will book you in for a full fitting experience.

During fitting, all measurements are conducted and noted down. In addition to, general questions with regards to your preferred materials, fabrics and bespoke options you may wish to add to your wedding dress.

Based in Mayfair of London, Eve Couture is easy to access via all major transportation routes. There are car parks and parking options in and around the Mayfair area. If you wish to drive or have a chauffeur pickup and drop you off instead.

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